I am looking to return to face-to-face Therapy W/C Monday 13th July with strict cleaning and hygiene regimes in place and social distancing rules.

If you have concerns over COVID-19 and would prefer to work with me on-line or over the phone then of course this can happen. Please contact me for further details. Committed to staying safe!


It’s not always easy finding someone to share your difficulties with, someone who really listens and accepts you, and does not judge. I am an experienced and accredited Counsellor and Therapist who has a genuine interest in people’s well-being.

At times life can be difficult. Sometimes it may feel like life isn’t moving forward and you keep repeating the same old patterns and nothing changes. You may be dwelling on the past or worried about the present or the future. You may just be in a place of general unhappiness where you just don’t know what to do.

In developing a better understanding of ourselves, increasing our awareness, and learning about how we operate as people we are able to make fresh choices, see new perspectives, change things, move forward and find our full potential. I believe in peoples capacity to thrive when they are given the right conditions to do so.

I have a new phone number. It’s: 07858 803924. I look forward to your call.